What is a Drip Campaign?

What is a Drip Campaign?


A drip campaign is a series of automated emails you send to your blog subscribers. Drip campaigns are triggered by a specific event – most commonly when a new subscriber signs up, but it could also be something like signing up for a course or downloading an ebook.

Pretty much any email marketing software you use should have the option to set up a drip campaign. You can write and design the emails in advance and automate the process of getting them to subscribers at the right time to get and keep them engaged in your content.

1. You introduce subscribers to what your blog is all about.

A new subscriber has probably read a post or two from your blog, but they’re still learning the basics of who you are and what your blog covers. Your drip campaign gives you a chance to provide an introduction to what your blog is all about that makes a case for why they should get on board and pay attention.

It gives you the power to define your blog for them on your terms, which is valuable at this stage in the relationship.


2. You develop a relationship with your subscribers.

If you meet someone once at a party and then don’t see them again until a year later, you’re much less likely to remember them than if you saw them again three or four times in the first couple months after you met them.

In the same way, someone who signs up for your email list and doesn’t see anything from you for weeks is less likely to recognize you and remember their connection to you than someone who hears from you a few times in the weeks after signing up.

If you give people time to forget you, then your emails will look like confusing spam, rather than something valuable they’ve asked for. A drip campaign gives them several opportunities to interact with you soon after they sign up, so you become someone they know and recognize when they hear from you again.


3. You can set it and forget it.

Drip campaigns have the added benefit of being easy.  You put the work into creating some really solid introductory emails once, and you can automate the process of sending them to every new subscriber who signs up.

Your subscribers get helpful emails that solidify their connection to your blog, while you can focus more on creating the new blog posts that keep your blog current. Since drip campaigns are automated, you can set it up once and use it for new subscribers for months to come.


4. It helps your most popular posts stay popular.

Some of your blog posts are going to be higher quality and resonate more with your audience than others – that’s just the nature of blogging.

You don’t want those to get buried over time as you keep adding new posts. Your drip campaign gives you a way to get the best content you have in front of your new subscribers so they get a solid first (and second and third) impression of what you can do that makes them more likely to stick around.

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